Exercise to Reduce Arthritic Joint Pain

Chiropractic care consisting of treatment, advice and exercise is an excellent way of reducing or eliminating pain by restoring and maintaining joint, muscle and nerve function. In turn this reduces postural stress, improves the body’s ability to heal itself and promotes overall well-being.

Acupuncture is also an excellent way of reducing pain and discomfort from painful, inflamed and arthritic joints and muscles.

However, there are times when that little bit extra is required, so please read this fourth part of our joint health series.

In the previous articles we have discussed things that you can take to help relieving painful joints and muscles. What about the things that you can DO?

In the case of most joint pains other than acute injuries, we can nearly always apply the ‘use it or lose it’ principle. Most people are unlikely to injure their painful joints by exercising. It can be a difficult thing to get across that pain does not necessarily indicate injury. Therefore a lot of people are scared of exercise because it hurts to do it.

Walking 30 minutes each day not only helps your painful ankles, knees and hips – it also helps the rest of the joints and muscles in your body, including your spine. It helps your brain, your heart and your blood vessels. The list is endless. And yes, it may hurt when you first start out, but as long as you feel no more than a little worse the following day, no harm has been done. If you can not face walking 30 minutes to begin with then start with what you CAN manage and gradually build on it. Set yourself goals and targets.

Whether you do a lot of sitting or whether you generally are physically active It is important to address any postural and ergonomic issues you may have at home or at work.

A warming up and a cooling down routine before and after exercise, gardening and physical work can also be invaluable in preventing injury and pain.

The British Chiropractic Association has devised a few simple exercises for children and adult alike. They form part of the Straighten Up UK campaign and they can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

On our advice page you can find links to advice, guidance sheets and videos, including the BCA exercise one.

Just please remember that everyone is different, so the exercises that your friends and family do may not be right for you.

As always, it is recommended that you seek professional advice before embarking on an exercise program. Phone and book an appointment with one of our chiropractors who can recommend which exercises, their frequency and intensity are suitable for you. Please call us on 01903 230066.

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