How long does it take to get back pain?

Many people sit more or less constantly for 8 hours a day doing a stressful job, often in a poor chair with keyboard, monitor, telephone, paperwork, lunch and coffee mug fighting for space on the desk in front of them. Then they either go home and collapse in yet more poor seating – or they go to the gym. Exhausted and dehydrated is NOT the way to start pumping iron.

Some of the people who knock on our door expect a quick fix, regardless of how long they have had their symptoms. Some expect us to make them better. Others, more realistically, expect to put a bit of work in themselves through exercise, changes to how they sit, walk and lift etc. In most cases it will take more than a visit or two to correct all the problems that years of bad habits have created.

We do get people better. A lot of people. Literally thousands of people. However, getting good and long lasting results take time and effort from both us and you.

A bad back can take years to develop – even if the pain starts in an instant. Minor injuries accumulate through sport, poor posture, stress and bad habits slowly causing more and more disruption to the body’s balance. The body keeps trying to compensate but eventually something fails – and often it is the delicate muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine resulting in back pain.

Sometimes it starts with short lived niggles – the body is teetering on the edge. Many people then rest and change some of their bad habits, until the niggles have gone. Then the bad habits are back and the downward spiral has started. Often the niggles become more frequent, last longer and hurt more. Gradually the tissues in the back stiffen up until the back can no longer bend and twist as it should. Then BANG! Sudden severe pain starts.

It is well known that freeing up the locked joints in the spine takes 6 to 8 weeks of regular care. Rehabilitation exercises take 12 to 16 weeks to have maximum effect .

4 months to make up for years of neglect. It doesn’t sound so bad that way, does it?

Best results may require insoles, a change in seating posture and habits, exercise, a new mattress and a different approach to work, rest and play. Yes, a lot of people feel much better after a couple of short weeks and some choose to discontinue care then. They are also usually the people who come back with yet another recurrence and this time even more painful and difficult to ‘fix’. If you only push the ball half way up the hill, it is sure to roll back down when you let go….

Everyone has probably heard of someone who crawled in to a chiropractor’s office and walked out feeling great. It does occur – but very rarely, unfortunately. It takes a very special set of circumstances for that to happen.

If you are one of the many people who have yet to start caring for your back or if you are one for whom the ‘quick fix’ approach has failed – do not despair. We are here to help you, but you will have to be patient and you may have to make some small but long term adjustments to the way you conduct your day to day life.

Believe us – it is worth it……

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