Sports Massage in preparation for sport and as remedy for general well-being.

When training for any sporting event, whether it is a marathon or a 5 kilometre walk, there are several areas that you need to focus on to achieve your best performance.

  • A training schedule to ensure you can complete the event.
  • Diet and nutrition allowing your body to be fully fuelled for training and for the event itself.
  • And lastly and often forgotten is body maintenance. Stretching and Sports Massage to bring your hard worked muscles back to their relaxed state.

As a Sports Therapist we will be focusing on the importance of Sports Massage.

Preparing for a sporting event of any type requires preparation and training. Depending on your existing fitness level it can take you just as long to get fit enough for a 5 kilometre walk as it takes someone fitter to prepare for a marathon run. Maintenance of your body throughout this period, which can be months, is essential in reducing the risks of injury and increasing the chances of making it to the start line, never mind the finish line.

Sports Massage is the manipulation and mobilisation of muscle and connective tissue. It is used to improve the function of muscles and the healing and the prevention of injuries. Sports massage consists of deep tissue work to alleviate tension and stress within muscles easing movement and posture whilst reducing pain and discomfort. It is effective in reducing muscle tension and restoring the natural balance to the body.

Receiving sports massage regularly can help prevent a gradual build up of tension within the body. If undetected these muscle imbalances may at best limit movement and strength but at worst, if left untreated, it can become serious enough to cause chronic pain to muscles and joints in the surrounding areas. Sports massage can detect these variations in the soft tissues before complications develop, helping to maintain the body’s healthy physical state.

The Benefits

  • Increase flexibility and relaxation
  • Improves connective tissue healing
  • Decrease muscle tension, stiffness, soreness and pain
  • Remove toxins and lactic acid after exertion
  • Maintain optimum muscle health and performance
  • Prevent injuries
  • Boost performance

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