Could sitting be even worse for you than smoking?

Did you know that sitting could be the new smoking!

For every hour spent sitting you not only increase your risk of getting back pain, neck pain and headaches, you also shorten your life by 21.8 minutes. In comparison, you only lose 11 minutes per cigarette smoked. This new study suggests that the longer you sit the sooner you will die, regardless of the amount of exercise you do!

James Levine, MD, PhD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has spent many years researching this topic and in his opinion “sitting is the new smoking”. When you sit down your muscles lack the necessary contractions/relaxations cycles – the same cycles that utilise excess blood sugar to help prevent diabetes. So, when you sit, whether it being to rest, to work or to eat you deprive your muscles of the movements they crave and were designed for.

Dr. Levine’s research indicates that more sedentary lifestyles result in a shorter life span regardless of amount of exercise incurred during the day. The average adult spends over 50% of the day sitting down. Half an hour’s daily exercise is good for you, but the remaining 23.5 hours of the day are just as crucial.

This result may be a little controversial but considering the majority of people’s lifestyle it is certainly food for thought. However, please do not use it as an excuse for getting up for a smoking break. Go for a walk instead.

So it seems that poor and tense seating postures not only shorten your life, they may also make it miserable. Back pain, neck pain and headaches are common symptoms in people who spend a lot of their day sitting.

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