This will depend on the individual problem, how long time you’ve had it, how bad it is and how many areas and tissues are affected. Your general health and lifestyle habits can also significantly affect your body’s healing time.

Whilst every patient reacts differently, your chiropractor will be able to advise you on your likely recovery path. In most cases you will feel a definite change for the better early on in your treatment plan. Most patients express feeling ‘easier’ or ‘lighter’ after just one or two treatments, but in general, the longer you’ve had it, the longer it will take to get better. Also having no or little remaining pain can also be a poor indication of the degree of recovery, merely a good sign that your body is better able to cope and that you  can start to slowly increase your activity levels. Ligament, muscle and tendon injuries can take longer to fully heal than a broken bone – sometimes much longer.

Optimise your recovery and minimise the risk of setbacks by sticking with the treatment plan, following your chiropractor’s advice on rest and activity, doing your exercises and  adopting any recommended lifestyle adjustments.

Getting it right from the start pays dividends later on.