Chiropractic on the NHS?

Do you think chiropractic should be available on the NHS?

A study published in October 2011 shows that chiropractic on the NHS can be very effective. A pilot scheme in Essex showed that more than 99% of the patients referred were satisfied with their care. The scheme involved using chiropractors as well as osteopaths and physiotherapists.

Patients consulting their GP for back or neck pain were assessed and, if suitable, were referred into the scheme. The patients could choose what type of therapy they wanted and they were seen within 2 weeks. No long waiting lists to and goodbye to sole reliance on pain killing drugs. Each patient had about six treatments and advice on exercise.

2 out of 3 patients reported good improvement in pain levels as well as their ability to perform daily activities. The results are even more amazing considering that nearly half of the patients had suffered their symptoms for  more than a year with very little relief.

Of the nearly 700 patients treated most also benefited from a reduced drug intake.

Although we at Park View are working wholly in the private sector we support getting NHS cover for our patients. If you want chiropractic to be more widely available on the NHS ask your GP to consider it.


Mark Gurden, Marcel Morelli, Greg Sharp, Katie Baker, Nicola Betts and Jennifer Bolton Evaluation of a general practitioner referral service for manual treatment of back and neck pain. Primary Health Care Research & Development, Available on CJO doi:10.1017/S1463423611000648

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