Yes. Contraindications are conditions when you should not be massaged.

The most common condition is that of an acute injury or inflammation. Usually, the first 72 hours after an injury is the acute stage. After the swelling and pain begin to diminish, massage is recommended.

Other contraindications are pre-existing injuries or medical conditions that make it inadvisable for clients to undergo a massage treatment.

This is because the massage could be harmful or dangerous to the client, or could exacerbate the symptoms of their existing condition or injury.

These can be classified as:

  • TOTAL –  conditions or illnesses that prevent the client from receiving sports massage therapy, or
  • LOCAL – a condition or illness restricts the areas of the body where massages can be received.

One of the most common examples are infections – viral, bacterial, or fungal.

Some skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, severe acne, open wounds or sores, including cold sores could be classed as total or local sports massage contraindication depends on the type of condition that it is.

If you feel you have a condition that maybe of a concern, please identify and clarify it with your therapist.