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Could Vitamin D be of help in Crohn’s Disease?

Vitamin D appears to have had its fair share of attention lately – and it just keeps coming. In the March issue of Gastroenterology an article suggests that it may have a significantly decrease the risk of developing Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory disease, as well as preventing flares in sufferers.

The study involved data from 72,719 women aged 40-73 years. The sufficient Vitamin D (plasma 25(OH)D) levels were set at 30ng/mL or higher.

Over a 22-year period women sufficient in Vitamin D were 62% less likely to develop Crohn’s Disease (CD) regardless of whether the women were smoking or using hormone based contraceptives.

One major weakness in the study was that the Vitamin D levels were estimated based on a model only validated for men.

The conclusion of this study is a strengthening of the idea of using Vitamin D supplementation in the treatment of sufferers of Crohn’s Disease and screening for Vitamin D levels in those genetically predisposed to the condition.

Gastroenterology. 2012;142:482-489.

Following on from this – if you are a female Crohn’s sufferer or if you have close relatives suffering from the disease it may be worthwhile to ask your GP to check you serum Vitamin D level. Unfortunately is neither a cheap nor a routine blood test so don’t expect the test to be agreed to unless there is a real chance of it being of value.

Virtually all the body’s vitamin D is synthesised through exposure to the sun. There are hardly any worthwhile dietary sources of vitamin D so supplementation is generally the only way to get the levels up.

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