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Tall People at risk from back pain

The journal Spine has just published looking at 260,000 construction workers over a 20 year period.

Those standing at 190 cm (6ft 3in) and 199 cm (6ft 6in) were one and a half times more likely to be hospitalised  for disc problems than those measuring between 170 cm and 179 cm (5ft 7in to 5ft 10). Concrete workers were 1.55 times likely to be hospitalised for low back pain. Hardly surprising but still interesting.

In today’s environments most equipment, work benches, computer desks, kitchen worktops etc. are designed for people of average height hence those at either end of the height spectrum often struggle.

As a complementary healthcare clinic we often treat people who are victims of these issues. We can help them recover but unless they get suitably sized furniture or equipment at work and at home it can be very difficult to prevent recurrences.

At work, speak to your employer, supervisor, HR or the occupational health department about having your area of work assessed. At home you need to make sure that your gardening tools are the right length and that your sports equipment, such as your golf clubs are fitted to suit you. Your kitchen, tables and seating also needs to match your height. Using a small stool is often a good compromise until your furniture or kitchen is due for replacing.

We are not just here to get you out of pain but also to help you staying that way.

Advice sheets on seating are available from here. For pain relief and more specific help give us a call on 01903 230066.

Ref: Wahlstrom et al. Risk factors for hospitalisation due to  lumbar disc disease. Spine 2012 July 1;37(15):1334-1339)

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