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Park View Clinic supports and sponsors professional golfer, Peter Tarver-Jones.

Peter Tarver-JonesWe are proud to announce our sponsorship of  Worthing golf professional, Peter Tarver-Jones. He currently plays on The Players Tour hoping to join the European Tour within the next four years.

Peter has come to recognise the importance of achieving optimum performance by ensuring that all his joints and muscles can work together in perfect harmony. Rather than waiting for an injury to hamper to progress towards the European Tour he is keen to be pro-active in injury prevention.

In his early career it is not just the on-going practise and physical training that take their toll - extended periods spent on the road travelling between competitions, and sleeping in different beds are also challenging.

Our early treatment efforts have targeted some niggling knee discomfort and whereas he only really noticed back discomfort after long car journeys, it was also necessary to deal with some lower back joint stiffness. Coaches had noticed a tendency to a head tilt, which could affect his putting. This appears to be due to some joint restrictions and muscle spasm at the very top of his neck.

Whereas these problems are relatively minor they can easily affect a top performing athlete, physically as well as mentally. Starting an event doubting whether you are able to cope with the physical strain easily knocks your confidence, ultimately affecting your performance, and when the margins are small this can be the difference between success and failure.

Successes since our involvement with Peter include:

We will continue to follow Peter and report on his progress. However, you can support him by following him on Twitter (@ptarverjones) and on Facebook (

If you wish to sponsor Peter in any way please contact him through his social media pages. You can also contact us and we will pass on your details.

What has that got to do with you?

Optimising the way your body works does not just help professional sports people. It can make a huge difference to the way that YOU feel, and to the activities that you comfortably can take part in. That could be work, sports, gardening, playing with your children or grandchildren etc - in fact, anything that you want to do. Of course most people come to us once pain has started, so there may be a bit of repair work to complete first.

If you too want to have less pain, feel better and improve your performance at work or in sport, then give us a call on 01903 230066.

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