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It is official - sitting is bad for you!

Sitting even increases your risk of dying by quite a lot. An epidemiologist, Alpa V. Patel PhD, from Atlanta has published a study* into the risks of sitting too much. She tracked over 220.000 Australian adults for three years and found that sitting increases your odds of dying. The odds worked out at:

However, the study did not differentiate whether people sat more because of poor health, or whether poor health was a result of sitting. Therefore it cannot conclusively prove that sitting kills people. What is certain though is that activity boosts health on many levels. More on that here. The study has led the researchers to recommend not only more daily physical activity but also limiting the amount of sitting people do.

Regularly getting up from sitting could also help improving people’s social lives by speaking face to face with people in the office rather than sending them an email or picking up the phone.

Another great way to ensure that you do not sit for too long is to drink (preferably not alcohol) when sitting at work or at home - and only take one glass or cup at a time. This gives you two reasons to get up; The first one is to go and fill up your glass when it is empty and the second is to go and empty your bladder. So you stay hydrated AND avoid sitting for too long.

Sitting posture at home and at work is also very important and you can find some helpful hints here.

Should you have got yourself into a situation where sitting is uncomfortable regardless of the steps you have taken to improve your posture or and ergonomics, then it may be time to give us a call on 01903 230066.

*Published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

Posted on April 5, 2012

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