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Triclosan in Colgate Total may cause hormonal problems.

Triclosan in Colgate TotalFreddie Sloth-Lisbjerg, the chairman of the Danish dental association publicly recommends avoiding Colgate Total toothpaste due to its Triclosan content.

Triclosan is an anti-bacterial agent and the EU classes it as an environmental pollutant. For some time it has been under suspicion of causing bacterial resistance to antibiotics; a very topical subject at the moment. Further to this Rigshospitalet (The Copenhagen University Hospital) has discovered that it affects the endocrine system and thus the body’s hormones. In female rats it causes early puberty

At Lund University in Sweden they are investigating the effect of the accumulation of Triclosan in 2400 women and their children. Until the evidence is clear Professor Bo Jønsson is adamant that at least pregnant women and children should avoid Triclosan.

The accepted normal Triclosan content in human urine is 1 ng/ml. Three journalists at Danmarks Radio (the Danish BBC equivalent) have tested their own urinary levels of Triclosan after using Colgate Total.  Within five days this increased by 1000 to 9000 times with the highest recording reading at 1833 ng/ml.

Chiropractor Jan Olsen comments:

As always we need to aware of the validity of studies and the statements made by scientists. It is up to each individual to make their own choices based on the available information. Therefore we cannot make any specific recommendations - merely provided the current facts and thinking.


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