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Straighten Out your back care routine this back care awareness week

This October 8 - 12 2012, Back Care Awareness Week, our Worthing based Doctors of Chiropractic Jan Olsen DC and Ian McTear DC at Park View Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic encourage people to straighten out their approach to back care as new consumer research shows that 47% of people in the South East currently suffering from neck or back pain. Almost half the UK population (48%*) are currently suffering from back pain.

The research, commissioned by the British Chiropractic Association, shows that although 28% have suffered for over a year, 24% of these people have never sought any professional treatment or consultation for their pain.

To encourage sufferers to seek help and to improve their lives we are offering

HALF PRICE Initial Chiropractic Consultations,

which include you first treatment.

This offer only applies for bookings taken during the BCAW, October 8-12.

Your BCAW offer appointment does not have to take place during this week so give us a call now on 01903 230066.

Back Pain Hotspots

Thankfully the South Coast is not the worst affected but these four areas are not good.

Wales – The highest in the UK, 61.9% of people in Wales are currently experiencing back or neck pain, 75% of these said it can be triggered by carrying or lifting.

North East - Those in the North East are some of the worst sufferers in the UK, with over 60% of people currently experiencing pain in their back, with 33% saying that the pain had prevented them from going to work.

Scotland – Has a high rate of back pain, with 57% of respondents from Scotland currently in pain.

London – Although London has the lowest recorded number of back and neck pain sufferers in the UK, 38% still claimed they are currently in pain.

With so many people affected you should take action in an attempt to prevent yourself from becoming a part of these depressing statistics. Unfortunately most people are symptom driven i.e. “if I don’t hurt I must be well.” This is a terrible attitude that usually backfires. Indeed, why wait for the pain to start when you easily can take a few preventative steps.

Straighten Up UK

is an exercise programme developed by the British Chiropractic Association. It is designed to help people managing or preventing back pain enabling everyone to become more active - adults and children alike. The exercises are easy to master and each of them is designed to target a specific area. They only take three minutes to do so why not adopt them as part of your daily routine. Look at it in the same way as you look at brushing your teeth - a little effort potentially saving you heaps of trouble and loads money.

Over 40% of the population do not do any physical exercise, so we must all make an effort to help ourselves and each other.

The Exercises

We have uploaded the Straighten Up UK exercises to our Advice page where you also can find other videos, leaflets and advice sheets to help you with a range of issues surrounding the prevention and the management of back, neck and joint problems.

Have a look and have a go, it is well worth the effort.



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